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A professional in the music industry since 1991.

A voting member for the GRAMMYS since 1994.

Recording and mixing for all the major record labels


Recording and mixing in MAJOR RECORDING STUDIOS


My mentors...the BEST in Recording/Production History


" I love to work with Brian! He's passionate and creative in his mixes while keeping full precise
control on the music material. I've learned a lot from him, as he likes to share his knowledge
which literally embraces every possible style of music! He's literally able to mix a jazz tune
one day, hit a hard rock song the next, and relax with a soundtrack score the following day,
while keeping his focus and quality on every project. Probably his secret is that he likes
to spread good humor around, and this is why sessions with him are fun and creative!"

--- Emanuele Ruffinengo - Producer, Arranger, and Composer, Mad Hatter Studios


"Brian is the one of the best engineers that I’ve worked with."
- Bruce Swedien


"It was a pleasure working with Brian (and Carl). We worked together to get a lot done in a small
amount of time. It couldn’t have been done without this high caliber of teamwork."
(Referring to the Who's Tommy Broadway Cast Album)
- Sir George Martin, the most successful producer ever


"As a studio owner, he makes my job easier by being prepared, and knowing how to
run a session smoothly and successfully. He’s part of my A Team!"
- Eddie Germano (The Hit Factory)


"I was very impressed with the way Brian handled himself and the session under extreme pressure."
(Live Elton John nationwide broadcast via satellite)
 - CBS Television City, Hollywood


Brian Vibberts

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