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Musical Knowledge

With a Berklee College of Music Degree studying Music Production, years of working in many musical styles, experience with the timbres of World Music and indigenous instruments, and a massive CD collection, I bring my knowledge of a myriad of music to your mixes! With the dozens of styles that I listen to, it sharpens my production ideas. My infamous CD collection (over 8000 and counting) is a library of production styles and mixing techniques at my fingertips. I fuse combinations of sounds and morph unique timbres that others may not think of.


This is only PART
of the 8000 CDs...

Some very good drum options


Why does this matter?

In countries around the world, if you are using indigenous instruments, I am
familiar with and understand what these should sound like within a mix!

If you are looking for a different type of sound, I am capable of
offering you some suggestions on how to achieve that.

African drums

Snares and Tabla

Guitar pedal mania!


Can you name
where these are from?

Recording percussionist Jack Lees

African Instruments


Brian Vibberts

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