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Please FILL OUT THIS FORM and SUBMIT to get pricing


To help me give you an appropriate rate, please answer several questions to make me understand what will be involved for the mixing:

1- Where were the basic tracks recorded?

2- Where were the vocals recorded?

3- How many songs are there to be mixed?

4-   Within each song, what is the average number of tracks?

5- The songs were recorded on:

6-   Is there editing or tuning that needs to be done? (check all that apply)

Please do a vocal comp from my multiple vocal takes

Please tighten up my drum tracks to be more in time

Please tune my vocals

Please clean up hisses and hums in my recorded tracks

Please fix clicks and crackles in my tracks

7-   When do you need the project completed by?

8-   Do you want the option of having a 1/2 inch tape master of all of the songs?

9- Will you be attending the mixes? This is very important because this involves a more expensive rate if you ARE attending.



Any additional comments?

Once all the questions are answered, an appropriate price will be sent to you.

Please send me a link or email me an MP3 so that I can hear your music. (MySpace, website, etc) I am looking forward to hearing your songs!


Brian Vibberts

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