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April 1: Jimmy Cliff (1948)

April 2: Leon Wilkerson (Lynyrd Skynyrd)   (1952)

I had the pleasure of being a part of the recording team for Lynyrd Skynyrd on VH-1's Hard Rock Live in the late 1990's. I love this band!

April 2: Emmylou Harris (1947)

April 3: Mick Mars ( Mötley Crüe ) (1955)

Another band that I worked with on VH-1's Hard Rock Live at Sony Music Studios, NYC.

April 4: Muddy Waters (1915)

April 4: Berry Oakley (Allman Brothers) (1948)

April 6: Merle Haggard (1927)

April 7: Billie Holiday (1915)

April 8: Julian Lennon (1963)

April 8: Izzy Stradlin ( Guns N' Roses ) (1962)

April 8: Steve Howe (Yes) (1947)

I worked with YES in NYC at Sony Music Studios. I'm a long time fan!

April 8: Peter Banks (original YES lead guitarist) (1947)

April 9: Carl Perkins (1932)

April 10: Afrika Bambaataa (1960)

April 10: Babyface (1959)

In 1994, I worked with Babyface on the Michael Jackson album HIStory. I have never seen someone record perfect vocals so quickly. Babyface was amazing!

April 10: Brian Setzer (Stray Cats / Brian Setzer Orchestra)   (1959)

I worked with Brian Setzer (BSO) for the live music TV series "Sessions at West 54th". A true audience pleaser, he had the whole place movin'.

April 11: Joss Stone (1987)

Joss was a gem in the studio. Recording her at Record One (Los Angeles) for "The Right Time" was an incredible day in the studio.

April 12: Vince Gill (1957)

April 12: Herbie Hancock (1940)

Working on "Gershwin's World" was a highlight of my career. The recording was done on the main stage at Sony Music Studios in NYC, while the mix was done in Studio D on a Neve 8078. Bruce Swedien mixed half of the album and I mixed the other half. It went on to win Jazz Instrumental Album of the Year!

April 14: Ritchie Blackmore (1945)

April 15: Bessie Smith (1894)

April 20: Luther Vandross (1951)

Luther was in the first group of artists that I worked with at Right Track recording in NYC. He was working on his album "Songs" along with a duet with Mariah Carey for the song "Endless Love". Classic! Luther's voice was so pure... magical.

April 24: Kelly Clarkson (1982)

I recorded Kelly Clarkson in Studio B at Ocean Way Studios. I was surprised at how great of a vocalist she was! This was within a year after she won the first season of American Idol.

April 26: T-Boz ( TLC ) (1970)

April 26: Roger Taylor ( Duran Duran ) (1960)

Another artist that I worked with for VH-1's Hard Rock Live show, which was recorded live in the main stage at Sony Music Studios in front of a few hundred people.

April 27: Casey Kasem (1932)

April 29: Duke Ellington (1899)

I did some mixes for the Duke Ellington Orchestra (the current version of the orchestra). Superb musicianship!

April 30: Willie Nelson (1933)

Working on the Storytellers show with Willie and Johnny Cash... Legends! Historical.




April 1, 1989:   Madonna's "Like A Prayer" video hit #1 in the UK and would soon be #1 in the U.S.   The promo video caused such a religious uproar that her tour was canceled, her sponsor Pepsi dropped her, and the Vatican banned her.

April 2, 1957:   Elvis performed one of his rare concerts outside of the USA at the Maple Leaf Gardens in Toronto, Canada.   In fact, except for Canada, Elvis never performed outside of America.   One reason being that Colonel Parker, his manager and reported illegal alien, was concerned he might not be able to get back into the U.S. once he left.   Being as controlling a factor as he was, Parker certainly would not have liked Elvis traipsing around Europe without him.   On this occasion in Canada, Elvis wore his now famous gold suit for the first time.

April 2, 1970:   Janis Joplin got a tattoo over her heart, which read, "One for the boys."

April 4, 1964:   The Beatles dominated the American charts with 12 singles on the Top 100, including the top five places:

            #1 - Can't Buy Me Love

            #2 - Twist & Shout

            #3 - She Loves You

            #4 - I Want To Hold Your Hand

            #5 - Please Please Me


            The others included:

            #31 - I Saw Her Standing There

            #41 - From Me To You

            #46 - Do You Want To Know A Secret

            #58 - All My Loving

            #68 - Roll Over Beethoven

            #79 - Thank You Girl

Within a week, 2 more were added!!!! (There's A Place and Love Me Do)

April 4, 1973: Elvis Presley's satellite broadcast ALOHA FROM HAWAII was shown on NBC TV.   The televised performance was watched by 57 percent of the nation's viewers.   Even Elvis watched the taped show from his home!  

April 5, 1994: As the leader of the Seattle-based grunge rock band Nirvana, Kurt Cobain helped establish the grunge movement.   Having spent a lot of time being depressed and drugged-out, when he couldn't kill himself with 60 barbiturates and a bottle of champagne in Rome, Cobain, at the height of his career, shot himself with a 22-guage shotgun while sitting in a chair and looking out the window of the room above his garage.   He was 27 years old.

April 7, 1962:   The Rolling Stones were formed when Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, and Brian Jones met at the Ealing Blues Club in London.   Before forming the group, Jagger had been an ice-cream vendor and Richards was a ball boy on a tennis court.

April 8, 1960: Elvis Presley's first album since returning from the Army was released.   The aptly titled ELVIS IS BACK! Shipped just FOUR DAYS after the recording sessions finished.   The LP included a gatefold of army snapshots printed in advance.   The release was so rushed that the song titles had to appear on a sticker!

April 9, 1974: Janet Jackson, youngest of the 9 Jackson family siblings, made her performance debut with The Jackson 5 at the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas.   She was 7 years old.

April 11, 1956: Elvis Presley's "Heartbreak Hotel" single reached the one million sales mark, becoming Elvis' first gold record.

April 13, 2000: Metallica became the first major act to file suit against Napster, for copyright infringement.

April 15, 1989: Roy Orbison hit the Pop Top10 for the first time in over 24 years with "You Got It."   Unfortunately, the Texas legend never knew of his comeback.   He had died four months earlier.

April 17, 1993: Elton John's single "A Simple Life" reached #30 in America, making him the only artist with at least one Top 40 hit in 24 consecutive years, surpassing Elvis Presley, who had 23.

April 24, 1961: Robert Zimmerman performed on record for the first time when he played harmonica for Harry Belafonte's "Midnight Special" album and earned $50.   He soon became better known for his songs and singing as Bob Dylan.

April 27, 1993: Prince announced that he would no longer record.   41 days later, he changed his name to an unpronounceable symbol.   By 1994, he was being called "The Artist Formerly Known as Prince."   The name change was done to get out of his contract with Warner Bros.   Later, Warner Bros issued an album entitled "Prince is Dead June 7, 1958 - April 27, 1993."

April 29, 1976:   Bruce Springsteen was thrown out of Graceland after sneaking in to see Elvis.

April 30, 1983: Muddy Waters (McKinley Morganfield), the legendary blues man from Mississippi who later migrated to Chicago, died of a heart attack at age 68.








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